RELATIONSHIPS are the crux of life.  These are so much mingled with our lives that they actually define it.  So, it’s really tough to give a lucid and centered article on this topic.  Nevertheless, I feel tempted to respond to this prompt but frankly don’t know where it would lead to. The relationship is quite […]


# A real classic # Immortal # Mother of Humanity # Advent of a revolution # Lickylicious Novel — The subtle changes in the Universe as  perceived in the heart of a Mother. — Forming a community in the times when literacy was forbidden and no other means for mass media. — The walking dead […]

The Beginning

शुरुआत विवाह, प्रकृति का सबसे प्यारा बंधन। जिसमें पाती है एक लड़की, जीवन भर का साथी। वो जो उसके आँसू पौंछ कहता है, अब इनकी क्या ज़रूरत, “मैं हँ ना”। सुना था, ‘good girls get good guys’. सच ही पाया जब एक प्यारी सी लड़की को मिला सपनों का सा राजकुमार जो आया घोड़ी पर […]


If I were a poet, My words could express me. If I were a singer, My songs would entune my heart. If I were a sculptor, My idols could carve out  my feelings. If I were a painter, My portraits would be my spokesman. If I were a danseuse, My dances could whirl my soul […]


This was my first brush with spirituality when I read a book published by Vivekananda Centre for Holistic Management – VIVEKAMANAGEMENT. This article beautifully explains the true meaning of a prayer. PRAYER Is a song of the heart addressed to the unknown We are so small and existence is so infinite. We are only for […]


via Daily Prompt: Broken She had broken down today. This was not her first time. But first in the kind she did it today. At a wedding celebration dressed up in a red stunning saree with music blaring on the DJ. She scolded herself for being so and left the hall to search for a […]