Home is where you wanna come back to.  Its the place filled with your presence, your relations that you share your life with, willingly or unwillingly.  It offers you food that is satisfying and nurturing; bed that is restful and comfortable; clothes and accessories that portray you.  But above all, it provides you with the space to laugh out loud, to cry unhindered, to sleep with your mouth open, to sing your heart out, to dance to the tune of your mood.  Where days and nights are spent like pages turn over in the calendar.  The years pass by and you don’t even realize that from being a child, now you’re on the threshold of teenage and just like that one day you leave that home.  And that’s when you start acknowledging passing of each day and night thankfully that you’re still surviving.  The dream of returning home allures you and you pray each day for the well being of everyone you left behind.  May God fulfill such wishes and every one gets fair chance of getting back home, even if for short whiles, and share their lives and endeavors with loved ones.

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