Role Well Played

Often, I feel disgusted with shrewdity of people around me and ask God vehemently, “Why you don’t punish such people?”  Entire life they have been exploiting people around them and still walking like the most virtuous persons in the world. That the mesh of lies woven by them clouding the vision keeps on prospering and there is no end to it.  I just ask, as in hindi, “aakhir inke paap ka ghara kab phootega?” When these clouds would clear? After death of all those innocent persons in their lives??  

Thankfully, I got one answer today, like Krishna telling Arjun:-

This is their assigned role.  As in a movie, there are villains and when they play their roles perfectly, audiences curse them, hate them.  But that’s their achievement. The director is happy and gives them good money but that is the only thing they earn.  Apart from this, they face wrath and distrust of people in general even when they are not personally acquainted. The Hero of the movie becomes the Star and he earns not only money but love, respect and blessings of people, even if his performance is a shade lesser.

So, now I get the point.  These people, who are the villains and vamps in real life are actually playing the scripted role which is crucial for the movie, directed by God.  The villain has to assay the role very well, in order to get the best performance out of the real hero and bring him to shine in this world. And the God is happy with his villains and pays them well in terms of material gains.  But that’s all they get. Their insides are burning with the wrath of their loved ones. They make enemies out of their closest kith and kin. They might have many friends but none is for real. This is the part of package deal. They receive money along with distrust and resentment of their loved ones.  Actually, they have played their role perfectly well. God Bless them too.

However, I beseech God, to give strength and wisdom to all his good hearted people to forbear with sanity the challenges created and augmented by the negative people. They have to perform in every situation to remove darkness and be the harbingers of a new world.

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