# A real classic

# ImmortalImage result for mother by maxim gorky jaico publishing

# Mother of Humanity

# Advent of a revolution

# Lickylicious Novel

The subtle changes in the Universe as  perceived in the heart of a Mother.

Forming a community in the times when literacy was forbidden and no other

means for mass media.

The walking dead in the grip of fear running the oppressive Government.

Youth is the harbinger of desired change.

—- Hearts of pure gold essential to pioneer any movement in Society.

Unfolding of awareness in the masses one by one and it’s compounding.

Behind it all, The Mother, who embraced the mission for her son and extended her motherhood to all the comrades of her son, whose luminescent eyes saw and foresaw everything near and distant.

As it is from the eyes of a mother, the portrayal is so soft even though depicting a bloody violent revolution.

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