via Daily Prompt: Broken

She had broken down today. This was not her first time. But first in the kind she did it today. At a wedding celebration dressed up in a red stunning saree with music blaring on the DJ. She scolded herself for being so and left the hall to search for a secluded place to cry her heart out. But where could she find such a place in a crowded marriage venue. Even the washroom was astir with ladies checking their makeup. Anyway, she took a corner near a staircase with one banquet staff working there. She just wanted to disappear. Everybody would be glaring at her just like this attendant who wanted none of such scene in his area. Her little daughter found her out and disapproved of this weird kind of behaviour of her mother. So she calmed herself down a bit and when no longer could stand that attendants’ reproachful look, returned to the hall. Search for the missing person was going on. Her most pretentious relative, glad to see her in this state, stood by her and put her arm across her shoulders like a loving sister and affirmed her rightful anger. Now she was angry as well as guilt stricken for harbouring mean emotions towards that friend in need. Now there was no need to control this righteous anger, so she just stayed like a victim. At last, it was time to leave and sit alongside the person on whom her anger was directed. But that person was burning with rage himself and could not stand her for having embarassed him in public. There were people to confirm his righteousnes too. When she reached home, she knew that their bond had taken a devastating blow. It would take a lot of time and effort to gather the pieces of this broken bond.

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