Gossip Mongers

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In this world people are simply categorised as black white, good bad, ugly beautiful, intelligent stupid and so on. In the same tone, one is given an irrevocable title extrovert or introvert. Being an extrovert is considered the best social virtue. A person is called an extrovert who speaks enough to be found with a tongue on duty most of the times. But is it in the right sense though. It must apply for a person who shares his inner thoughts, feelings in its pure form. Is it true for all with the gift of the gab? These self appointed social smarties might be using their speaking faculties to convolute, diverge, dilute, dichotomise, eclipse THE TRUTH. Their first and foremost weapon is to title the other half (less talkative) population as introvert, a great vice being synonymous with reserved, not sharing, insensitive, with a hidden agenda and even incapable and literally DUMB. Even though they might be sharing and caring with their bunch of true friends and focussing their energy to bring out their best for the world.
In reality, such outspoken people enjoy their false notion of being a superior race. But they should actually thank the other less fortunate ones for being as good listeners, for acting as a ‘use me’ to deposit all their mental and emotional goodies along with garbage.
Just imagine If for a day, the roles are reversed, what would be overflowing from the mouth of the extroverts : not words but tears. The tears of catharsis, of lost opportunities behind those continuous blabbering. So, for your own sake, just STOP for a moment and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. Go within. Even a child connects with your true inner self and not the words you dump upon them. Just as you are judging, manipulating others and expressing with your words; you are also an object of observation and perhaps you don’t know that everyone is transparent! Ha! Ha! Ha! The one who was listening to you was actually seeing through you and could have given a good advice only if you had left some gap between your words. May god bless all the extroverts and the introverts too. May be we could search for some better alternates to these words.

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