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From the heart of an Indian daughter-in-law (Bahoo)

Sadhguru said when you’re a concrete block, you should not marry another concrete block. It causes friction and bound to damage one or both.

True, and now imagine the situation when there is one concrete block (FIL) married to a gelly ball (MIL). The concrete block feels elated when the gelly ball thuds over it softly. Yeah, the gelly ball has no fixed shape, volume even mass and the worst of all no stand of its own. It can surely use the concrete stand from its back. The gelly ball can expand to any size and plaster the concrete wall fully to make it impermeable. It gels with everything around living or non-living perfectly well. The block thinks the ball as the best thing in the world. But while the block kept tethered to one place, the ball kept rolling in all directions unhindered and unnoticed. It emulsified together everything that came its way whether those were self created fruits or flowers, leaves, thorns, manure, blood, dead and decaying matter or pure shit. It made its own concoction and deposited back on the block. The concrete block could not stand this foul smell but had no option nor willingness but to stand firmly with a deep frown. The gelly ball did not let any fresh vegetation to grow near the block and if something propped out on its own, then poisoned it fast and stunted its growth. Even though the concrete block took great effort to sustain its strength and vitality, ageing eludes no one. The block has moulded a little but still glued to the gelly ball. No mortal can reach through to the core of block without getting harmed but only Almighty God. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Please do step in for the sake of other innocent living beings in this cursed garden.

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